Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Banana Skillet Cake

Like most people, one of my favorite food combinations is banana, chocolate, and almond butter. Truly, is there anything better? I’m always looking to get my fix in somehow and majority of the time that method is through dessert. As a lover of all things cake, this recipe seems like a no-brainer, so I am quite confused how it took me this long to create something like this. Nonetheless, I am excited to have this recipe in my back pocket for any dinner party to come. It is so easy to throw together and is the perfect dessert to toss in the oven while your crowd is enjoying dinner. Not only does it cook itself, but it leaves your apartment smelling like a delicious ball of heaven.

Ingredients (makes ~6 servings):

Wet ingredients:

  • Banana (1 ½)

  • Egg (1) – can sub flax egg with 1 tablespoons flaxseed and 2.5 tablespoons water

  • Vanilla extract (1/2 teaspoon)

  • Almond milk (1 teaspoon) – can sub regular milk

  • Coconut oil (1/4 cup)

  • Almond butter (1/4 cup)

Dry Ingredients:

  • Almond flour (1 cup)

  • Coconut flour (2 tablespoons)

  • Baking soda (1/2 teaspoon)

  • Cinnamon (1 teaspoon)

  • Dark chocolate chips (1/4 cup)


  1. In a bowl, mash the 1.5 bananas until they are smooth

  2. Add all of the wet ingredients to that bowl and combine well

  3. In a separate bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients

  4. Pour the dry ingredients into the bowl of wet ingredients and combine well

  5. Pour the mixture into a skillet and top with any additional chocolate chips, if desired

  6. Place the skillet in the oven at 375 degrees and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until it is fully cooked through and passes the fork test

Allergen Information:

  • Gluten Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Soy Free

  • Low FODMAP

  • Vegan (if using flax egg and almond milk)

Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Banana Skillet Cake

Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Banana Skillet Cake