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 Welcome to Freckled Foodie


I’m Cameron

I’m a very freckled 27-year-old living in NYC with a big appetite for all things food. After working on Wall Street for 5 years, I had a life altering moment and decided it was time to wave goodbye to the corporate world and pursue Freckled Foodie full-time. Since then, I’ve worked with notable companies on creating content, dozens of individuals to achieve a more healthy and balanced lifestyle, and developed my personality as a podcast host on Freckled Foodie & Friends. By doing all of this, I was fortunate enough to be named one of the five entrepreneurs changing New York’s wellness scene by Forbes. Whether I’m writing food blogs, testing recipes at home, or dining at some of my favorite restaurants in New York City, you can expect to see the real, the raw, and the reality.

On this website and my Instagram, I make a conscious effort to show you the truth of my health journey, without a filtered lens. In a world that often feels too curated and inauthentic, I am challenging the status quo and setting the record straight: you don’t need a pristine kitchen or a perfect blowout with a full face of makeup to make a delicious meal. All you need is your precious time, fresh ingredients, and the determination to feed your body what it deserves. Never let intimidation or comparison cause you to compromise your goal of a healthy lifestyle! Follow my journey as I bop around NYC, experiment with new ingredients, and discover my place in the kitchen.