Freckled Foodie's January Meal Prep E-Book

Intimidated by New Year's resolutions? Same! I'm here to help you with my January Meal Prep E-Book2019 is just around the corner, and you know what that means... the "New Year New You" slogan being thrown in your face every direction you look. What is up with America's obsession of shedding our skin to reveal and find a whole new version of ourselves each turn of the calendar year? Sure, there are always things we can improve on, and goals are great and all, but what if I like the me I already am? Personally, I feel this slogan not only makes us feel "less than" in a way that we need to totally reinvent ourselves, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. Resolutions and goals can be intimidating because there are so many directions you can take them in and such an endless amount of traits we can always improve on. Instead of trying to pile on as much change as possible, leading to more stress than you already may be feeling, lets focus on the one thing that I believe makes the largest impact on your overall health: cooking.

That is why I am flipping the slogan on its head to "New Year, Same You", with the goal of improving your confidence in one major area: the kitchen.

If your New Years resolution is to "be healthier", this is the perfect starting block. If your New Years resolution is to "save money", this is where you'll find all your cash hiding. Hell, even if your New Years resolution is to "spend more quality loved ones", this will turn your home into a warm and welcoming oasis for those people. Whether you are looking to improve your overall health, get more organized, or tackle something you've been intimidated by, getting back in the kitchen provides the answer you are looking for.So, obviously it's not as easy as just deciding you're going to start cooking and voila you have all your meals prepped for the week, but that is why I am here to help assist you on this journey.

I firmly believe that this e-book will not only assist in improving your overall health by getting you more confident in the kitchen, but it will also help set the precedent for your year ahead with the goal of cooking more often. Habits have to start somewhere!

No more stressful weeknights coming home from work having no idea whats for dinner, or rushing out the door in the morning without grabbing breakfast. You're about to have a well stocked fridge and pantry to get you through your busy weeks!

In this book you, I'm providing you will all of the tools. You will first find a master pantry grocery list; this has all the necessities you will need to rely on throughout the month. Next, you will find five separate weekly meal plans that include a breakfast, lunch, and dinner for four of the seven days that week. This is aimed to help you prep for your days at work while also providing some wiggle room for meals out. With these meal plans there are corresponding grocery lists (for that specific week) and recipes. Enjoy!