Freckled Foodie and Friends Trailer

Hello everyone and welcome to Freckled Foodie and Friends hosted by, yours truly, Cameron Rogers. If you follow me on Instagram, which if you don’t already, you should, then you know my current mission is to make healthy living approachable. Mainly, I do this through creating and demonstrating how to whip up easy and delicious recipes for the everyday at home chef. However, lately I’ve noticed I have a lot more to say. On this podcast, I’ll be joined by some of my incredibly knowledgeable and kickass friends to talk about topics, mostly in the wellness industry, that some may find intimidating. Whether it’s learning how to cook, creating your own business, minimizing your food waste, or dealing with your mental health. No topic is too personal for us to discuss. After all, I have no filter… so I apologize ahead of time for the incorrect use of terms, prominent cursing, and potential return of my speech impediment. If you’re looking for a podcast to welcome you with open arms and have you feel like you’re enjoying a matcha, coffee, or cocktail with some old friends, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Anna Vatuone