25: Rachel Krupa (@rachkrupa) on Being Better, not Perfect

In today’s episode I am joined with wellness product guru and PR superstar, Rachel Krupa (@rachkrupa), founder of Krupa Consulting & The Goods Mart. We discuss how she founded her company, the focus they have on the background story and ingredients within each brand they work with, managing a team and asking the secondary questions in order to grow, and where we think this “wellness” movement is going. We discuss personal things such as living in the gray area and letting go of the chatter in your mind as well as acknowledging the reasons why you are doing things. Rachel also gives us an inside look at some of her favorite new brands and products.

Brands that Rachel mentions Krupa Consulting works with:


Brands / products that Rachel mentions she is currently excited by:


Rachel’s favorite burger she mentions: The Usual

The ice cream Rachel mentions: McConnells and NadaMoo

Marshmallows we mention: Squish


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