26: Matt Lombardi & Kevin Moran on CBD and Founding Beam (@beam)

Thanks to Beam (@beam), I am now a CBD believer. In this episode I sit down with the two founders, Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran, to discuss what motivated them to enter the CBD industry and how they created Beam. With a background in sports, they were consistently looking for a way to increase productivity & to find the next best thing, which eventually led them to CBD. We dive into the ins & outs of the industry, the struggles they have faced, and where they see the industry going in the future.

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Beam’s website: beamtlc.com (use code FRECKLEDFOODIE15 for 15% off the website)

The CBD post I mention on my blog

The recipe for peppermint cacao CBD balls that I made

The ice creams we mention: Fomu, JP Licks, Pressed Juicery, Van Leeuwen

The steakhouses we mention: Ocean Prime and Mastros

Kevin mentions someone we both admire: Mark Hyman and his book What the Heck Should I Eat

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