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health coaching


About Health Coaching


Are you in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle? Do you have the potential to do great things, but feel held back? Are you looking to make changes, but need the guidance to put these goals into motion? I’ve been there and i’m here to help.

I’m Cameron. As an IIN Health Coach and one of Forbe’s top 5 entrepreneurs changing New York’s wellness scene, I believe that a balanced lifestyle is the key to unlocking your greatest potential. After working on Wall Street for 5 years, I felt a strong desire for change, but the fear of the unknown and my ego held me back. It wasn’t until I was hit by a car that I realized life is too short to do anything but follow your dreams. So, I did. After recovering, I waved goodbye

to the corporate world and infused my creativity in the kitchen with my passion for helping others to inspire transformational change. The result? This company. As a certified health coach and a self-taught meal prep connoisseur, I will guide you in making the right decisions your life needs. Whether it’s becoming more comfortable in the kitchen, or gaining confidence in your career, I’ll stand by you as we put your plan into motion.


 Here’s what my clients are saying: