Nashville, TN Guide

Nashville Guide

Nashville is much more than the country music capital of the world; it also has an insanely delicious, and ever growing, food scene. While this was only my second time visiting this vibrant city, I feel a sense of ease and welcomeness that I haven't experienced many other places. Maybe it is because I've had family living there for the past 6 years, or maybe because the live music at every bar just makes me happy, but whatever it is, I'm here for it. Whether you are planning a family trip or a bachelorette party... or, a strange combination of the two, which is what we did... I've got the recommendations to make your trip worthwhile. A special thanks to my Instagram followers who provided many recommendations of spots I, unfortunately, wasn't able to check out!


  • We stayed in this Air BnB in 12 South and it was absolutely perfect. Tons of bedrooms, walking distance to a cute part of town, and an easy drive to other areas

Haven’t been, but recommended:

Restaurants that I Have Visited:


  • Five Daughters Bakery: home of the 100 layer donut and also has GF options. Multiple locations, one in the Gulch

  • Fido: coffeehouse with great brunch items in Hillsboro Village

  • Frothy Monkey: coffee shop with casual breakfast & lunch options in 12 South

  • Liberty Common: Southern comfort food with French inspiration. A nicer brunch option with a gorgeous interior and fun outdoor seating options in the Sobro district


  • Husk: Southern food focused on local and fresh ingredients in a historic mansion in Rutledge Hill. Delicious, fresh, and innovative food. Also famous for their brunch

  • Adele’s: hip American restaurant in the Gulch opened by the Barbuto owner, Jonathan Waxman, with a similar menu. JW verde chicken and kale salad are must orders!

  • Virago: Asian fusion in the Gulch. Must order: wasabi martini

  • Edley’s BBQ: casual barbecue spot in 12 South with outdoor seating. My order: pulled pork platter with coleslaw and baked beans

  • Jeni’s ice cream: unique, creative, and delicious ice cream with a changing menu and multiple locations. Must order: darkest chocolate and brown butter almond brittle



  • Tin Roof: large fun bar with live music

  • Tootsie’s: historic country music bar

  • Honky Tonk Central: three story bar with live music on each floor

  • Santa’s Pub: a dive bar (in a trailer) with karaoke

  • LA Jackson: trendy rooftop bar of the Thompson hotel in the Gulch

  • Patterson House: mellow speakeasy

  • Broadway: lively street filled with tons of bars, what gives it the “NashVegas” name


Places that I did not Check Out but Came Recommended:


Lunch/Dinner (** means highly recommended):


Workout Studios:

Areas to Visit:

  • The Gulch

  • Hillsboro Village

  • 12 South

  • Vanderbilt University

  • Percy Warner Park

  • Centennial Park

  • Arrington Vineyards

  • Country Music Hall of Fame

  • Grand Ole Opry

  • Belle Meade Stairs


  • Posh

  • Moda

  • Emerson Grace

  • Imogene & Willie

  • The Impeccable Pig

  • Lemon Laine