Palm Beach, FL Guide

Thanks to my semi-snowbirding parents and their new found love for Florida, I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of weekends over the past few years enjoying the sunshine state and all the beauty that comes with it. At first, I was a tad disappointed by the restaurant scene. However, once I got over the fact that 99.9% of the restaurants are in strip malls, started exploring, and some new additions were brought to the table, I now have a pretty stable list of favorites. Whether you are looking for a nice restaurant for a birthday celebration that turns into a bit of a scene (hello Buccan) or a casual laid back tiki bar to watch the sunset (Guanabanas is my favorite place on this earth), I've got you covered.

In this guide I've included some of my favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and workout facilities in the Palm Beach / Jupiter / Juno area (since that is where I spend my time and am the most familiar with). I've also relied on my incredible followers (thank you all!) for their recommendations and, after vetting the places online, have included those as well. All of the spots with the ** afterwards are ones I have personally been to and love!This list will be ever growing so continue to check back for more updates!



  • Celis Produce: West Palm Beach. In the Grandview Public Market, healthy breakfast options

  • Meraki Juice Kitchen: West Palm Beach & Palm Beach Gardens. Juice, smoothies, and acai bowls

  • Raw Juc**: Palm Beach Gardens. Juice bar with smoothies, acai bowls, and premade breakfast options to go.

  • 3 Natives**: Palm Beach Gardens, Juno, and Jupiter. Healthy breakfast options famous for the acai bowls

  • Jaya: Juno Beach. Vegetarian casual spot with an extensive healthy breakfast menu, including GF bagels!


Christopher's Kitchen
  • Christopher’s Kitchen**: Palm Beach Gardens. Plant based menu with healthy and fresh options. Highly recommend the ginger avocado roll to start and make sure you order one of the delicious raw gluten and dairy free desserts.

  • CK Juice Bar**: Palm Beach Gardens. Next door to Christopher’s Kitchen, their juice bar with smoothie and juice options and dessert to go.

  • Bricktops**: Palm Beach Gardens. Nicer vibes with good lunch & dinner options. Has a great tiki style outdoor bar by the water.

  • Buccan**: Palm Beach. The hardest restaurant to get in to in the area and quite the scene with delicious food and a lively bar. Highly recommend getting the hot dog panini for the table.

  • Grato**: Palm Beach. Nicer Italian restaurant with a livelyt night life owned by the Buccan team.

  • Kitchen**: West Palm Beach. American style food opened by Tiger Wood’s ex-chef

  • Pizza Al Fresco: Palm Beach. Italian pizza restaurant outdoors

  • Avocado Grill: Palm Beach & West Palm Beach

  • Lynora’s**: West Palm Beach. Classic Italian food.

  • Vig & Angelo’s: Palm Beach Gardens. Classic Italian with pizza options.

  • Nature’s Way: West Palm Beach & Jupiter. Casual and healthy takeout with breakfast and lunch options

  • TooJay’s: West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter. Classic NY inspired deli

  • Kabuki**: West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. Delicious Thai inspired sushi restaurant. Highly recommend all of the rolls in addition to the curry dishes. Delivery available

  • Sant Ambroeus: Palm Beach. Classic Italian/American dishes

  • Food Shack**: Jupiter Square. Super casual, creative menu changing every day with delicious seafood. Highly recommend the sweet potato crusted fish over the doctor’s orders salad

  • Leftover’s Cafe**: Jupiter. Same owner as the Food Shack and very similar vibes with a changing daily menu

  • Café Des Artistes: Jupiter. Outdoor French inspired food

  • Dune Dog: Jupiter. Casual vibes, American style menu

  • 1000 North: Jupiter. A very nice, waterfront, private club (founded by Michael Jordan) with a restaurant available for lunch and dinner

  • Too Bizarre: Jupiter. Nicer Thai inspired sushi and Asian dishes

  • Crosby Kitchen: Jupiter. Classic American with seafood options

  • Guanabanas**: Jupiter. My favorite tiki bar with a tropical laid back vibe and live music with a great cocktail list. Highly recommend checking it out for happy hour for the beautiful sunset views down by the water

  • Square Grouper**: Jupiter. Tiki bar on the water with casual bar food

  • Utiki**: Jupiter. Tiki bar on the water with casual bar food

  • Sushi Jo: Juno Beach and West Palm Beach. Casual sushi restaurant

  • Captain Charlies: Juno Beach. Casual spot for some great seafood

  • Evo: Taquesta. Traditional Italian fine dining


Grocery Stores & Markets

  • Earth Fare**: Palm Beach Gardens. Amazing grocery store with a ton of options

  • Trader Joe’s**: Palm Beach Garden. Alas, a TJs that doesn’t have lines wrapping around the store

  • Carmines**: Palm Beach Gardens. Gourmet market with great prepared options for takeaway

  • Cod & Capers: North Palm Beach. Local and fresh seafood for purchase



Florida walk.png
  • Core Evolution**: Palm Beach Gardens. A mega reformer style pilates class similar to an SLT

  • Thrive Power Yoga**: Palm Beach Gardens. Hot vinyasa style yoga with bootcamp class options as well. Has a $29/unlimited week intro special

  • Cyclebar: Palm Beach Gardens. Indoor cycling studio

  • Haute Yoga: Palm Beach. Hot yoga studio

  • Pure Barre**: Palm Beach Gardens. Chain brand with typical Barre classes

  • Orange Theory: Palm Beach Gardens. Chain brand with bootcamp interval style classes