Kale Greek Salad with Chicken Breast

Whenever I hear "sad desk lunch" my mind immediately goes to salads. For most people, they're just not exciting. Listen, I get it. Salads aren't everyone's favorite thing nor something most people look forward to. But, this is a salad that almost everyone enjoys (unless you're like my mom and hate Feta... in that case, sorry!) and won't leave you with that post lunch at your desk depression of missing the outside world and a real meal. An easy staple to batch-cook on a Sunday to pack for your week ahead all with minimal ingredients & time spent in the kitchen. A win-win!

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • Chicken breast (2)

  • Kale (1 bunch)

  • Grape tomatoes (1 handful)

  • Cucumber (1)

  • Lemon (1)

  • Kalamata olives (½ cup)

  • Olive oil

  • Vinegar

  • Avocado oil

  • Salt & pepper


  1. Season the chicken breast with salt & pepper and cook in the oven, on a parchment lined baking sheet, at 425 for ~25 minutes or until reaches 165 degrees

  2. While the chicken is cooking, wash, de-stem, and chop the kale into the size of your preferred consistency

  3. Massage the kale with the juice of 1 lemon and some olive oil

  4. Prepare the vegetables by halving the grape tomatoes and peeling then chopping the cucumber into ½ inch pieces

  5. Once the chicken breast is cooked, allow to sit for ~5 minutes before slicing

  6. Toss the massaged kale with oil and vinegar and top with the grape tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta, and cooked chicken breast

Allergen Information:

  • Gluten Free

  • Soy Free