Freckled Foodie Thanksgiving 2018 E-Book


Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Or are you responsible for prepping and bringing a side dish to your Friendsgiving but have no idea what to make? Either the case - I'm here to help you navigate this holiday like a PRO with my new Freckled Foodie Thanksgiving 2018 E-Book. Complete with recipes for a crowd-pleasing snack to keep your guests satisfied when they arrive, a gorgeous and perfectly crisped while still juicy turkey, five sides that may steal the limelight of that fore-mentioned bird, and a warm and cozy dessert that'll leave your home smelling as delicious as the meal you just served. Oh, and did I mention an organized grocery list (for a group of 10 plus leftovers) to keep you sane during the madness that is Thanksgiving grocery store shopping?! And, of course, it includes some serious time saving tips for each recipe. Because who doesn't need more time when hosting a dinner party? Seriously, this book is the answer to all of your hosting dreams.If you purchase within the first 24 hours of this E-Book posting, 10% of the proceeds will go to my Friendsgiving campaign over at No Kid Hungry!

Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Besides the fact that it represents the essence of fall with its delicious flavors, changing leaves, and cozy sweaters, it encourages us to take a second and give thanks for all the wonderful things we are blessed with. One of the things I am continuously grateful for is my friends and family; my support system that is always there encouraging me. They cheer me on when I succeed, and they have my back when I fail.To express my gratitude to these ever so important people, I turn to the one thing I know everyone loves: food. Not just any type of food, but a large, rib-warming, welcoming, home cooked meal. Personally, I don't think there is a better way to touch someone's heart than through their stomach. As someone who enjoys planning an elaborate meal, hosting friends and family, and cooking for those I care about, Thanksgiving embodies everything I love about food. It welcomes people into your home, encourages community and support, and resumes tradition. Plus, the flavors and typical dishes happen to be my favorite type of meal!For four continuous years, I have had the pleasure of welcoming my closest friends into my home for a full Thanksgiving meal. It is no easy feat to cook for 15 (especially in an NYC apartment), but it is something I find such joy in and is my favorite day spent in the kitchen.I am here to help you navigate your own Thanksgiving meal by providing you with my tried and trusted recipes for a delicious spread, along with an organized grocery list to help you survive the madness that is Thanksgiving day grocery shopping. PURCHASE HERE