Charleston Bachelorette Itinerary

As you all know from my over the top instagram stories (I would apologize, but it was too much fun to not post), I recently had the best weekend ever in Charleston with a large group of girlfriends celebrating my bachelorette. Since this seems to be such a popular spot for trips like this, and so many of you have reached out asking for suggestions, I decided to put together our full itinerary for you to easily mimic and have the perfect weekend planned and ready to party. You will definitely win the best MOH award...

VRBO rental

VRBO rental

**I want to put a special thank you in here to my two incredible sisters, Madison and Lucy, who planned the most incredible trip EVER, and to the group of girls that made sure the party never stopped.**


Dates: Thursday 7/26 – Sunday 7/29

Home: 1 Intercoastal Court, Isle of Palms

  • We rented on VRBO

  • ~30 min drive from the airport

  • 5 bedrooms

    • 1 with 2 bunks (twin on top, full on bottom)

    • 3 with 1 king bed

    • 1 master with 1 king bed and a twin pullout

    • 2 available air mattresses

    • 1 large couch

    • 4 ½ baths

    • Private pool in the backyard on the golf course

    • ~10 minute walk from the beach

    • Cannot say one bad word about the house; it was truly amazing

Transportation: we used this guy Bek from Charleston Cab Company who was the weekend MVP. He had a massive party van that could fit I think a total of 16 people and we scheduled him for all of our pick-ups at the house, drop offs at bars/restaurants, and transportation back home. Truly a game changer



  • Group of us arrived that morning and spent the day in Charleston while some people decorated the house

    • We went to Basic Kitchen for lunch – highly recommend!

    • Stopped by my favorite ice cream place, Jeni's

    • Majority of girls came in by dinner time Thursday

    • Dinner: ordered in pizza (De Romas – good for what it is)

    • Night: went to Windjammer on Isle of Palms

      • ~10 min drive

      • Very casual beach-y bar with a live band

      • Great vibes, but we personally didn’t love the band that night



  • Morning: made breakfast with groceries from the house

  • Private yoga session with serenity tree yoga

    • If into yoga, it was a fun morning activity

    • She could’ve done it out by the pool but it was raining so we did it inside. Doing it on the beach is also an option!

    • Lunch: had catered by Feast Charleston (highly recommend! Perfect boxed sandwiches, salads, pastas, and sides for everyone to make plates from)

    • Afternoon: party on the Tiki Hut with Hydrofly

      • Depending on the group you are going with, this can be a huge hit

      • We were a large group of girls that wanted to party and get drunk together and this was the perfect solution

      • It is legitimately just a floating hut in the middle of the (dirty) water that has rafts attached for people to hang out on, a speaker to play your music on, and coolers to put your booze in (it is BYO)

      • We paid the extra amount to have it private – if you are going, I highly recommend doing this

      • We didn’t pay for any of the water sports, but the bride gets to go on the flyboard for free (definitely do it!!)

      • Night: rest up and had dinner catered by Caitlin Holbrook from Desayuno, drank wine, and relaxed

        • She was great! Cooked and cleaned everything and it was a delicious meal. I highly recommend


  • Morning: made breakfast with groceries from the house

  • Hung by the pool and relaxed and a group of us went to the beach

  • Lunch: had catered by Feast Charleston (highly recommend! Perfect boxed sandwiches, salads, pastas, and sides for everyone to make plates from)

  • Pool drinking

  • Dinner: had a pre-fix menu set up at 5church in Charleston

    • They weren’t the easiest to work with, but we had such a large group that very few restaurants could fit us

    • The food overall was good, but nothing to write home about

    • Inexpensive for split apps, own entrée, split desserts, and unlimited wine/beer/champagne/specialty cocktail (compared to NYC)

    • Night:

      • 5church turns into a bit of a “club” with a DJ set up

      • Since we had so many girls, we basically made this our entire party room and took advantage of it. It was perfect for us, but probably not ideal for every group

      • We also briefly went to Henry’s House – cool bar with a bunch of different rooms each with a diff vibe (club room, live music, rooftop, etc)


  • Morning: made breakfast with groceries from the house

  • Headed to the airport and flew out ~ 11:00AM – 1:00PM

Recommendations (places we did not go but I was recommended):


  • High cotton

  • 3 little birds

  • Triangle

  • Hominy grill

  • Butcher & Bee

  • Virginia’s

  • Halls chophouse


  • Bull st gourmet

  • Five loaves

  • Basic Kitchen (where we went)

Dinner (**came highly recommended):

  • **Husk

  • Magnolia

  • **Leon’s

  • Obstinate daughter

  • Blossom

  • Cypress

  • Macintosh

  • McCradys

  • OKU

  • **Fig

  • SNOB

  • Crab shack

  • 5Church (where we went)


  • Stars rooftop

  • Venue Inn rooftop

  • Gin Joint

  • Henry's House (where we went)