Sweet Potato Toasts

Sure, there are some good gluten free toasts out there, but let’s be honest, some are pretty disappointing. As a sweet potato addict (seriously, I think I have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner), I am always looking to find ways to include them in all of my meals. So, when I was at my parent’s house sans any good GF bread to toast for breakfast, in went the sweet potato slabs. Holy moly was I pleasantly surprised. Beginning to wonder what other life hacks I am missing out on…Continue ReadingIngredients (serves 2):

  • Sweet potato (1)

  • Avocado (1)

  • Banana (1)

  • Blueberries (½ cup)

  • Almond butter (2 spoonfuls)

  • Shredded coconut (¼ cup)

  • Cinnamon

  • Red pepper flakes

  • Sprayable avocado oil

Special Equipment: toaster & a wire rackDirections:

  1. Slice the sweet potato into ½ inch thick slabs

  2. Place the sweet potato slabs on the wire rack on top of a cooking sheet

  3. Spray the sweet potatoes with avocado oil and place in the oven at 425 for ~20 minutes or until cooked through

  4. Allow the sweet potato slabs to cool and place them in an air tight container in either the fridge if enjoying soon after or in the freezer if eating over 3 days later

  5. When ready to eat, place the slab in the toaster for ~3 minutes

    1. If you are unable to cook the sweet potato prior, place the raw sweet potato in the toast for ~7-8 minutes. It is not as delicious, but it definitely gets the trick done

    2. Remove from the toaster and use as a base for your favorite toppings as you would toast

    3. My favorite combinations: mashed avocado and red pepper flakes, almond butter with banana and cinnamon, and almond butter with blueberries and coconut flakes

Compliant with the Following Diets:

  • Low FODMAP

  • Gluten Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Whole30

  • Paleo

  • Plant Based

  • Vegan