Gluten Free Five Day Meal Plan

Everyone loves bread; pizza is notoriously one of the tastiest foods out there. However, some of us, unfortunately, have celiac disease, a gluten intolerance, or have been tasked with an elimination diet. Cutting out gluten can at first be pretty depressing. How the hell am I going to attack and eliminate this beast that is such a staple in the American diet!? Fortunately, as this "lifestyle" has become more prevalent, there are a ton of great options out there in both restaurant and grocery stores. Also, that is why I am here to help; providing you with a 5-day plan of gluten free meals with corresponding recipes and a master grocery list.

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By cutting out a few hours on a Sunday and batch cooking meals for the week, you are guaranteed to have healthy, home cooked, and delicious meals for the upcoming five work days. Personally, I shop for all of my groceries at my local Whole Foods where I know I am getting fresh, trustworthy, and organic produce and meats. Plus, with their expansive selection of gluten free items I never feel as if I am missing out on anything.As outlined in this guide, the key to meal prepping is to choose about 2 breakfast and 3-4 lunch/dinner options to batch cook on the weekend and then mix and match throughout the day. This not only optimizes your time in the kitchen so you are not spending all day cooking 10 different dishes, but also gives you meal versatility throughout the week.

Freckled Foodie Gluten Free Five Day Meal Plan