Sausage & Vegetable Omelet Bake

With every dish made, there is a spot it falls on the effort required / deliciousness graph; there are some that require hours of labor and are just kind of blah when the time comes to actually eat it and then there are ones that require very minimal effort and return insanely positive reactions. This, my friends, is the champion of this scale. This dish is the answer to any “breakfast / brunch for group” question you may have. This bake can be all prepped and ready to go the night prior, so that you aren’t waking up at the crack of dawn or cooking while your guests are enjoying themselves, and simply requires you to only place it in the oven the morning of. Without a doubt, if I am ever making breakfast for a group, this dish is the star of my menu. Especially for family brunches, such as on Christmas morning, there is no better option.

Ingredients (serves 6):

  • Breakfast sausage (3 links)

  • Eggs (1 dozen)

  • Spinach (½ bag)

  • Bell peppers (2)

  • Grape tomatoes (2 handfuls)

  • Salt & pepper

  • Red pepper flakes


  1. Remove the sausage from the casing and sauté on a cast iron skillet until browned and cooked through

  2. Pour the cooked sausage and juices into the cooking dish and spread equally around the base

  3. Dice the red bell peppers into ¼ inch pieces and cut the grape tomatoes in half lengthwise

  4. Place the tomatoes, spinach, and bell peppers in the baking dish on top of the sausage

  5. In a separate bowl, whisk together 12 eggs and add in salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes

  6. Pour the egg mixture in the baking dish evenly distributed around the other fillings

  7. Place the dish in the oven @ 400 degrees for ~30 minutes or until fully cooked through

  8. Serve hot or store in the fridge for a BYO breakfast to work!

Diets Compliant With:

  1. Dairy Free

  2. Gluten Free

  3. Whole 30

  4. Paleo