Freckled Foodie's First Catering Experience

Hello everyone! A bit of a different post today; mainly in the sense that it does not contain a recipe, but instead a reflection on my first catering experience. This past Saturday was truly one to remember. While I have always enjoyed cooking for others and prepping for large dinner parties (I find any excuse to feed my friends), I had never considered catering an event. About a month ago my mother was telling me about a brunch she was hosting and asked if I had any ideas to give the caterers. My immediate response? "I have a thousand ideas and would love to BE the caterer".

So, yes, my mom was my first client. But you have to start somewhere! After discussing the purpose and structure of the event, I knew this was going to be the perfect introduction to this new venture. The brunch was over Mothers Day weekend for 20 hardworking, loving, and welcoming females in order to bring awareness to a school that is near and dear to my heart: The Orkeeswa School in Tanzania, Africa. After a yoga session led by an incredible local instructor, Lara Heimann, we sat down for brunch filled with good eats and even better company. We had the opportunity to speak with three current Orkeeswa students about their positive experience at this school, the remarkable opportunities it has provided them with, and the struggles some females are currently facing in their home village, which was further exemplified through a short film they wrote, directed, and stared in. This entire experience was humbling in and of itself and to be able to cook for all of these inspiring women was truly the cherry on top. After a successful event, my mom told me she was surprised how "calm" I seemed throughout the process, but, to be honest, I was scared shitless. All I could think about was the thousand things that could possibly go wrong: not enough of one dish, ruining another, not having something done in time, or people just plain old not enjoying what I cooked.

After all of the worry, stress, and hard work, what I felt was that rush of excitement and high that cooking provides me and continues to remind me why I love it so much. So while I may not know what this means for Freckled Foodie and potential next steps, I sure as hell know it was fun. Check out the menu and some pics from the brunch below! And if this is event sounds like something you are interested in hosting or planning, please email me. I would love to discuss potential work together.



Avocado toast with red pepper flakes

Toast with cream cheese, lox, and chives


Yogurt parfaits with yogurt (plain or coconut), chia seed jam, berries, and granola


Banana pancake skewers (gluten, grain, and dairy free)


Vegetable frittata two ways: both with spinach, tomato, pepper and one with the addition of sausage. Both were served 1/2 with cheese and 1/2 dairy free


Hummingbird cupcakes - banana bread / carrot cake hybrid - with cream cheese frosting (gluten free)