Bunless Salmon Burger w/ Toasted Sesame Cabbage and Mango Avocado Salsa

Something I never thought I’d say: add the salmon to your food processor. After trying these collard green wraps for the first time recently for my Whole 30 approved burger night, I quickly fell in love and set my mind on creating all different ways to use them as a bun replacement vehicle. Similarly, I recently toasted purple cabbage in sesame oil and questioned what the hell I’ve been doing for the past 25 years without this staple vegetable side in my kitchen. Falling head over heels for both, I decided to do the only thing logical and create a recipe that combined them. Alas, this salmon burger was where my mind steered. Unclear how to make this idea a reality, I found myself hesitantly reaching for my food processor and dropping in the salmon filet while questioning my logic and also wondering what the F I was doing. To my pleasant surprise, I did not end up with raw salmon soup but instead finely diced salmon that, when mixed with some almond flour and bell pepper, formed perfect burger patties. And while I was tossing all my random closet hidden ideas together I figured, why not add in some mango avocado salsa. Bring all the freaks to the table.

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • Salmon (2 filets)

  • Red bell pepper (½)

  • Avocado (1)

  • Mango (1 handful)

  • Collard Greens (4 leafs)

  • Purple cabbage (¼ head)

  • Lime (1)

  • Egg (1)

  • Almond flour (1/4 cup)

  • Coconut oil

  • Toasted sesame oil

  • Salt & pepper

  • Red pepper flakes

Special Equipment: food processor


1. Prepare the collard green wraps:a. Wash all leafsb. Cut off the base stem and try to cut parallel to the leaf from top to bottom to trim off the inner-stem so that the entire leaf is flatc. Fill a pan with water and once it is simmering, place the leaf in the water for ~30 secondsd. Immediately afterwards, place the leaf in an ice bath for an additional ~30 secondse. Set aside and continue the steps above with the other leafs
2. Chop the cabbage into ½ inch shredded pieces and toss on a hot skillet with toasted sesame oil. Cook until crisped
3. Prepare the mango avocado salsa: simply chop both into ½ inch pieces and mix together with the juice of 1 lime
4. Chop the bell pepper in a food processor until extremely well diced
5. Make the salmon burger patties:a. Cut the filets into 2 inch pieces and place in the food processorb. Pulse the blender 2-4 times until the salmon is broken down into smaller pieces  (do not over pulse)c. Mix the salmon, bell peppers, 1 egg, ¼ cup of almond flour, and salt and pepperd. Form equal size patties
6. Cook the burgers on a hot cast iron skillet with coconut oil
7. Once cooked, place the burger in one of the collard green leafs, top with the avocado mango salsa, and wrap like a burrito
8. Place that wrap above in another collard green leaf and wrap again in the similar fashion
9. Serve warm and enjoy!

Diet/Allergy Compliant:

  • Whole 30

  • Paleo

  • Pescatarian

  • Low FODMAP

  • Gluten Free

  • Soy Free

  • Nut Free