Vegetable Omelet Muffins

Since trying to eliminate buying breakfasts at work I have noticed one common, and sad, theme: I am not eating nearly as many eggs as I once did and would like to. If you are someone who buys breakfast at the office or a nearby deli, I’m sure an egg omelet is one of your go-to orders. However, when trying to cook all of your meals and scale back on the unnecessary $8 dry, overcooked, tinfoil container stuffed, deli omelets, eggs immediately take a back seat to other breakfasts. This is mainly due to the incredibly other easy recipes there are out there (oatmeal, overnight oats, smoothies, etc), but also because eggs don’t travel well in all styles. That is why I present to you, your revamped deli order omelet in easily prepped, packed, and even freezable muffins.

Ingredients (serves 2 w/ 6 muffins): - I find 3 for one breakfast is filling enough

  • Eggs (6)

  • Milk (¼ cup)

  • Spinach (2 large handfuls)

  • Bell pepper (1)

  • Cherry tomatoes (2 handfuls)

  • Olive oil

  • Red pepper chili flakes

  • Salt & pepper

Special equipment: muffin tray


1. Prepare your vegetables: halve your cherry tomatoes and dice your bell pepper into ¼ inch pieces
2. Sautee your spinach, cherry tomatoes, and peppers on an oiled skillet
3. Crack the eggs into a bowl, break the yolks, and whisk together
4. Mix the ¼ cup of milk, red pepper chili flakes, and salt & pepper into the eggs
5. Place the sautéed vegetables in the bowl with the egg mixture and mix well
6. Pour this mixture into an oiled muffin tray. Be sure to leave ¼ of the muffin tin empty because these grow as they cook
7. Cook in the oven at 375 for ~10 minutes or until cooked through
8. Store in the fridge and microwave when ready to eat!